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Our company was founded in 1991 and we have accumulated 35 years of Engineering experience starting with tool and die making, several years of keyboard and relay switch design, then branching into several other areas. We’ve done mechanical design and Engineering on hundreds of products, some supplying our own I.D. styling and some with our very experienced I.D. partner.

We focus our efforts on just a few projects at one time and have kept ourselves small in order to do this. This also keeps our and your costs down. We use state of the art CAD software for 3 dimensional design. This not only saves time and maintains accuracy, but provides you with on going viewing as your design progresses.

Below is a partial list of our clients, the products designed, and Engineered.

Sporting Goods

  • Lynx Golf; Driver club head
  • Drk GOLF; Golf swing training/exercise equipment
  • Subtle Snowboards; Styled snowboard boot
  • Lobster Sports; Their “Elite” tennis ball thrower plus our patented functional enhancements
  • Royal Trucks; Skate board truck design and stress studies
  • 901 Launchers; “Storm” ultra low cost tennis ball thrower & “Typhoon” ultra high speed thrower
  • Utopia Optics; Unique motorcycle goggles with push-to-open mechanism and anti-fogging lens venting
  • Skylon; Wakeboard boat rack, FEA strength and mechanical study


  • Precision Dental Int’l; Several dispensers such as cotton roll, purcha point; metal inj. molded dental tools
  • Biopsys; Mammary biopsy sampling device main unit, I.D. and mechanical design (later purch by J & J)
  • Pure Flush; Unique filtered toilet seat products design & Engineering, seen on TV,s American Inventor
  • Bayer; Stylish blood analyzer laboratory cabinet, several door mechanisms and feed through of viles
  • Ora-medix; Stylish tooth brushes, folding tongue scraper and rubber grip toothbrushes
  • Vistanomics; Small portable ozone field testing device and wearable ozone monitor
  • “Zipper” convertible painted knee walker/crutch for the orthopedic market.
  • Line of patented operating room fluid flow separators and urine flow devices.

Computer Related


  • Gateway Computers; Model year 1998 2 desktop, 2 tower types with Innovative features.
  • TGF; Styled router box and small size Linux computer, with special cooling requirements
  • MGE Co.; UPS battery backup, heavy plastic construction for 12 batteries
  • DataProducts Inc.; High speed printheads, patented “jolt” ink jet printer ink cartridges, many new ribbon cartridges and several toner cartridge designs
  • Belkin; Several keyboards and computer mice, designed for style and robustness
  • IEE, Inc. Several unique keyboards, panels, custom switching designs both consumer and military
  • Logicode Technology; 2 highly styled, challenging modem devices (using SOMA ID)
  • Action Tec; Very stylish card reader with unique slow-rise feature (using SOMA ID, seen on protogenic.com)
  • Xtend Co.; Motorized laptop docking station with rugged CRT monitor stand (styled by Next Planet)



  • Cellsys; Wirless modem router
  • RAST Vario; Several uniquely styled “expandable” keyboards and thumb keypads (rastllc.com)
  • Xircom; Many Palm, Handspring after market add-ons plus unique conference room hook-up devices (styled by Next Planet ID Co. )(Xircom later purchased by Intel Corp.)

Consumer & Theme Park

  • Disney Imagineering; Indiana Jones ride interior, other ride restraints, Euro-Disney cannon ride
  • Electronic Arts; A version of the Nintendo Wii “zapper” gun game Device
  • AguaWash; Unique vaiable speed, soap dispensing, and rinsing car wash tool
  • Harmon Cardin; “Modulus” speakers, unique shape and position locking system, found in stores
  • Clothes Dryer anti-static ball; Design, investigative studies, and added user options
  • Blob Lamp; Mixed oil deco lamp, worked with I.D. to create a good, workable mechanical design
  • Sun Tan Hand; Low cost styled lotion applicator with liquid shutoff valve and applicator attachments
  • Saint-Gobain, Calmar; Spray nozzle misting devices
  • Contractors Wardrobe; Several bathroom & sliding door product lines now on the market
  • Harmonic Design Motorized window blinds with unique remote control and timer devices
  • Kensington Technology Group; Several computer locking devices and FEA analysis
  • Magellan Systems Corp.; Low cost GPS device, large market seller
  • Two, in-car DVD players
  • Tight Audio; Personal DVD viewer, large storage device, many features, tight schedule, won 2003 CES award

Home & Kitchen Appliances

  • Tsann Kuen OEM; Complete design of styled line, coffeemaker/grinder, juicer, blender, mixer; branded by Black & Decker, Hamilton Beach, etc.
  • IN Inc; Battery powered, styled, electric kitchen knife
  • Pizzazz; Liquid jet consumer jewelry cleaner

Point of Purchase Displays

  • Felbro Displays; stylish cosmetic & spice displays with and advancing spring & gravity feed mechanisms
  • Murad Skin Care: Sturdy display kiosk with swivel base and see through product holders
  • KMC Wheels; Heavy SUV wheel display
  • Zee Medical; Medical item dispenser

Transportation Products

  • Currie Scooters; Stylish electric ridding scooter to add to their product line
  • Collaboration with Ford and an ID firm; Low cost automobile for the Indian market

Contact Information

Phil Smith
2071 S Atlantic Blvd., Suite C
Monterey Park, Ca 91754 USA
Tel: 626-219-8027
Email: phil.device.engineering@gmail.com

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